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Our Story

Up until now automating your paper forms and documents was an expensive and time consuming process. This meant that only the big end of town got involved. Those who could afford expensive upfront license fees, and hefty ongoing professional maintenance and support.

In 2008 we started with a simple mission, to create a platform that could be used by a novice to publish sophisticated forms and documents online. Even back then there were services that allowed you to create an online form, and other services that enabled you to merge data with a document template. But still today, we are the only integrated online platform that enables you to do both, online, on any device, without needing significant IT support.

But in making document automation simple to use, we haven’t made it ‘simplistic’. Our online form designer enables you to design and publish some of the most sophisticated forms imaginable. While other online form services stopped advancing years ago, we have continued to push the boundaries of what is possible with the humble online form. The same goes for our document assembly engine. Zume can generate beautifully constructed and formatted .DOCX and PDF documents, utilizing the full functionality of Microsoft Word, including list formatting, tables of content, cross-references, graphics, fields, stylesheets and themes.

Are you sick of sending paper forms to and from your clients and customers? Do you want to speed up and improve the accuracy of your organisation’s documentation and business processes? Do you want to sell your specialized content online? If so, we encourage you to give our platform a try. We’re pretty confident you’ll be a bit surprised at what you can achieve.

Email me at enquiries@zumeforms.com to let us know how you get on.

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