Andreyev Lawyers

The Company

Solo practitioner, commercial law firm in the heart of Adelaide.

The Challenge

Andrew is looking to expand his estate administration business but all of his interactions are over the phone. He is collecting the same information on each call before he goes away and prepares a proposal and fee quote. But he is only converting 1 in 10 calls so there is a significant amount of time utilised identifying the paying clients.

The Solution

Using ZumeForms powerful document automation platform, rapid design studio and word power plugin Andrew creates a questionnaire which looks to gather the key pieces of information he needs to prepare the proposal and fee quote.

The Benefits

Moving the proposal document and fee logic into the platform, Andrew was able to create tailored quotes within seconds of them hitting the submit button, saving him a significant amount of processing time.

The Story

Andrew is a lawyer looking for more clients for his estate administration business. Currently Andrew has a webpage that advertises his ‘probate service’ – where he processes the Wills of people who have died.

When a potential client calls up, Andrew asks them a few questions to see if he can help. He needs to know where the deceased lived, if the deceased had a valid Will, and some basic details about the deceased’s assets. These questions give Andrew a rough idea of what will be involved, so he can provide the prospect with a quote.

After hanging up, Andrew prepares a proposal and fee quote. He currently uses a Word™ template that he edits to the prospect’s circumstances. He then converts the document to a PDF, prepares a brief cover email, and sends the quote off.

Andrew converts about 1 in 10 prospects. He has discovered that the quicker he can get the email off, the higher his chances of converting the prospect. But, being a busy lawyer, sometimes it can be days before he manages to respond with the tailored email and quote.

How did ZumeForms help?

Andrew has written a number of blog posts that attract quite a bit of organic traffic based on answers to common questions about what’s involved in probate. Andrew prepares a simple app that he pastes at the end of these blog posts.

The app asks 7 questions to qualify the visitor: where the visitor is based, whether the deceased had a Will, etc. Based on answers to these questions, the app:

  • Assesses whether the prospect is based near one of Andrew’s offices;
  • Assesses whether any legal work is required – because sometimes, if the deceased did not own property or only has minor personal assets, no filing is required;
  • If a filing is required, determines if either ‘probate’ or the more complex process of filing for ‘letters of administration’ is required;
  • Explains to the prospect what is required;
  • Provides a quote to the prospect for the relevant level of services; and
  • Outlines the next steps for the prospect – a ‘call to action’.

The tailored assessment and quote is automatically prepared and sent to the prospect within minutes of them hitting the submit button online.

The app then redirects the prospect to a page with testimonials of other people who have used Andrew’s firm to assist them with estate administration work.

The number of quotes provided has increased significantly – because only a small fraction of website visitors would be bothered calling up, but many more are happy to use the app. The number of converted jobs has also increased because the prospect doesn’t have to wait days for the assessment and quote.

Other enhancements include automatically adding the prospect to an email campaign autoresponder that sends follow-up emails and other helpful hints until the prospect is converted or unsubscribes.

In short, Zumeforms mimics Andrew’s expertise and judgement – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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