Data Management

Instant access to all the data collected in your smart forms

Collect Data and Manage Users

Save form data to reuse, no re-keying information for the same client. Embed Users and Records in your website to turn your website into a fully-functioning online commercial document portal.


Data saved from form submissions is saved to “Your Records”. This data can then be reused again for other forms so you don’t have to re-key any twice. Build a client “File” containing all of the documents created for them.

Embed Forms in your Website

Use web-embedding to publish your forms and documents on your own website. No IT support required. Simply cut and paste a few lines of code onto a page on your website, blog, email or e Newsletter and your users will have immediate access to your fully functioning forms, including full document automation features.

Embedded Users

Your users can then sign-up, log-on, save forms and re-use data to make a suite of documents – all on your own website. No need to separately manager users, accounts and authentication, it’s all built-in. Your users can maintain their own account details, and even upload their own logo and have it assembled into their documents.

Organisations, Groups and Permissions

In addition to sophisticated user authentication, you can create organisations, invite users and set permissions, all without IT support. Share forms, templates and records within your organisation. Enterprise-grade document automation features – now accessible to all organisations.

Usage Reports

Run reports on user activity, including statistics on forms submitted, documents created and fees collected.

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