DIY Web Form Document Assembly Online Quickly and Efficiently

Does your organization rely on both Macs and Windows PCs? Some companies use a combination of hardware and software platforms, such as Windows machines for accounting, HR and other core business tasks while the creative teams in departments such as marketing and product development use Macs to get their jobs done.When it comes to document assembly, especially web forms / online forms that your team needs to make available to prospective customers, clients and job seekers, it makes sense to use Software as a Service or SaaS instead of buying standalone applications to meet the needs of both computing platforms at your company.

Windows Users

Consider what typically happens when the head of HR needs to develop a series of new job application pages and relies on a PC. Instead of developing them from scratch,
HR can take an existing PDF form or Word file and then upload it to ZumeForms, where it will automatically import the fields into the online form builder.

Another type of document that you will usually set up as a basic form for staffers to revise and expand as needed is the standard contract. It’s easy to edit and amend the form and then plug it into your website using the automatically generated ZumeForms embed code.

Mac Users

Mac users in your marketing department will typically have different motivations for making online documents with a form builder than your HR or accounting department.

For example, your creative team may be interested in putting a short quiz on the website to engage potential customers. Once they finish filling in the details of a quiz, they will be free to revise it throughout the year, such as to account for seasonal changes, holidays and new promotions.

(SaaS) Software as a Service

Organizations with a mandate to find ways to control costs in their IT department are coming to see the benefits of using SaaS. Rather than dealing with site licenses or determining a budget to purchase copies of software for new employees to use (and making sure versions are available for both Windows and Mac), you can save a lot of time and hassle by switching to software in the cloud.

Your employees can create and update forms using any Internet-connected computer via the Web browser, which comes in handy when they are on the road, such as at an industry conference or out on sales calls.

Cloud computing services help you reduce costs because you don’t have to predict how much server space you’ll need to store software and all the data you generate and collect from customers.

You will also be able to rest easy, knowing that the data is securely stored online in multiple, redundant servers. Local hard drive failures, natural disasters and other emergencies may make it impossible for your team to work in the premises, but when your data is in the cloud, you can continue working via laptops and smartphones while other companies scramble to rebuild their files and reach out to their customers, begging for them to be patient.

One of the best things about using SaaS for online document generation is that your team can create one version of a document from a PDF or a Word file, and then save it for future use with theZumeForms platform. Then, it will be easy for employees to reuse one of these documents, without having to get a copy from the person who first created it.

Your team will work more quickly and efficiently, not having to reinvent the wheel each time a new online form must be made. If you have multiple offices over a large area, it’s best to share access to documents online so everyone can take advantage of them without needing to exchange files via email or a flash drive.