Smart Forms

Build smart forms using our interactive rapid design studio, no complex coding required

All the tools you need

Text boxes, drop down lists, address lookup, sliders even signature controls.

Sections and repeats

Forms that can collect lists of information. Even lists of more than one level.

Rules and notifications

Create rules to show and hide fields, set values and more. And get notified when a form is submitted.

Fully responsive

Responsive forms using the latest Web standards that will work across all devices.

Advanced Drag & Drop Form Builder

If you've ever used a desktop database app, then you're familiar with complexity. If you've ever hired a developer to make a form for you, then you're familiar with delays and communication barriers. ZumeForm's Form Builder provides the tools for anyone to easily drag and drop an amazing form in just a few short minutes. Whether you're a secretary or the resident IT ninja, we can help you collect data without writing a single line of code.

Advanced Fields

But we don’t stop with just standard fields, our designer comes with multi-line text, sliders (for polls and surveys), country lists, signature boxes (for digital signing of your forms), and Google address search for automatically entering compliant addresses.


There’s nothing more frustrating than filling out a long multipage form – only to have your browser crash just before you hit the submit button. All that hard work gone to waste. But not with a ZumeForm. The data a user enters on your forms is automatically saved each time the user moves between a page on your forms. If that still is not enough, your user can hit the save button at any time, to make sure their answers are safe.

Standard Fields

We provide you with all the standard form fields to handle your data input, including text, yes/no's, drop-down lists, radio buttons, dates, email addresses, numbers and groups.

Combo Fields

We understand that a lot of forms require the same common ‘groups’ of fields, for example, ‘first name – middle name – last name’. Our designer comes with a built-in Person Combo (including salutation), and an Address Combo (with built-in Google search and country list). Drag-and-drop the combo onto your form and your field group is ready to roll.

Layout Fields

You and your users don’t need to put up with bland looking forms. Spice them up with a full suite of layout fields. Make form that your users want to fill out. Include dividers, headers, labels, our HTML editor (including the ability to link audio and video files), placeholders, a summary table, links, buttons, file uploads and images.

Import and Export

There’s no point in keep all your forms to yourself. We make it child’s play to import and export your forms (and ‘form parts’). This can make designing a suite of forms a snap. You can design standard ‘form parts’ and then import these into multiple forms to significantly speed up your design process. You can also share common forms with friends and colleagues. We also provide a suite of ‘starter forms’ to get your solutions off to a quick start.

Forms that can do more than a simple page

Multi-Page Forms

Use our drag-and-drop multi-page form designer to easily combine single page forms into fully integrated multi-page forms. Drag-and-drop to reorder your pages.

Your multi-page forms come built-in with a responsive menu to navigate between the pages.

Our multi-page form designer enables you to re-use a single form in more than one multi-page form. For example, you can combine a common form to collect user data in combination with other more specific forms. This can significantly speed up the development of multi-page solutions, and enable you to maintain common forms across multiple solutions.

Sections and Repeats

Now we are talking power. Drag-and-drop a ‘section’ onto your form to group fields. Easily reorder the sections, and perform actions on the sections, like disabling or hiding.

Turn a section into a ‘repeating’ section (or extendable table) with one click. Your users can then enter a list or table of data for the same set of fields, e.g. a list of invoice items, a list names and addresses, or a set of uploaded files.

But our repeats are not any old repeats. You can drag-and-drop repeats within repeats – to an unlimited number of levels, creating complex child-parent data relationships. You can also set a maximum, minimum and initial number of rows for each repeat, along with custom help text to guide your users through the different levels.

Rules, Embedding, Notifications and more

Rules Builder

Even the simplest form needs some rules. Create rules that make things happen when your users enter values. You can make rules that show and hide fields, set field values based on other fields, enable and disable fields, show messages, and show and hide whole forms in a multipage form. Our rules wizard lets you make all this happen without involving an IT guru.


There’s no point someone filling in a form if nobody knows! We give you full control over where the data goes and who finds out about it. You can set your form to send emails to people when the form is submitted (or is used to make a document). You can even pick up an email address off the form itself (as entered by the user) and send the date or document to that address.

We provide you with the tools to fully customize your notification emails – in full HTML beauty. After the user has submitted the form you can also display a message on screen and then re-direct them to a URL.

Collect Payments

Let’s face it, not all of us are doing this for the love of it – sometimes we want to get paid. ZumeForms understands this fact of life, and comes prepared with a built-in payment gateway. In less than a few minutes you will be up and running and taking credit card payments or donations from your form user. We promise that you will be doing this without writing a single line of code, or waiting weeks for an approval.

From a simple form to allow your customers or clients to pay an invoice or make a donation through your website, to a full-blown ‘document shop’, the simplicity of our payment gateway will amaze you. We also don’t even touch your money – it goes straight from your users directly into your account.

Embedding Forms

While we are always happy to welcome visitors to ZumeForms, we realise you probably prefer to keep your users to yourself. Each of your forms comes with ‘code snippets’ to seamlessly embed your forms into your own website, blog post, email or eNewsletter. Simply copy-and-paste the relevant snippet, and the next time a user comes visiting your site, the form will be waiting for them.

Make your Forms look like you want

Web standard, mobile and tablet ready

We don’t mess around with proprietary plug-ins and languages that limit the devices on which you can use your forms and data. We live in an HTML5 compliant world. So if your users have access to a modern web browser, you’re in business. Our forms are also fully responsive, so they will look equally pretty on a mobile phone, table or desktop. We don’t discriminate.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and therefore we let you decide how your forms will look and feel. Set your own fonts, colors, sizes and styles.

Automatic Form Summary

We understand that more often than not you’ll want to see a summary of the data a user has entered on a form. In fact, you may also want to provide this form summary to the user when they completed the form – so they can check their answers. We do all this automatically for all your forms. When designing your form, you can select which sections and fields will be collated into the automatic summary, (and what will be left out).

Embedded data references

Embedded data references enable you to perform real-time magic with your forms, without the need for complex scripting. With a simple field reference, you can insert the answer a user enters into one field into the heading, label or choice of another field. So after the user has entered their name, you can then personalize the subsequent questions.

Full Control

Full control with javascript and Jquery

If you’re a developer and you think a ‘rules wizard’ is for sissies, then we have you covered. Strap-in and take full control over how your forms look and feel. Each form comes with a built-in script editor, where you can let your JavaScript and jQuery talents loose. Control any element of your fields, forms, pages and data. Bring your fields and data to life.

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