Make a custom email notification for your Web Form

ZumeForms allows you to automatically provide email notifications when a form is submitted or a document is assembled. This post will show you how to create a custom email message for all of your web forms or an individual custom per web form.

In this example I am going to use a simple tenancy application form we created for an earlier example. The basic steps are to turn on email notifications then build a second form saving it with a special name. This name is how ZumeForms knows to use it as a special email template for your email notifications.

Example 1: For a email template that is used by any form  save it as “System – Email”
Example 2: For a email template that is used by a specific form save it as “System – Email – YourFormNamewhere ‘YourFormName’ is the name of your form.

Step 1. The first thing required is to open the tenancy application form in the form-builder and turn on email notifications as shown in the screenshot below.

Email Notifications

Step 2. Make a Email Template, when you are creating an email template for a specific form you would name it “System – Email – Tenancy“.

Save Form Name

Save Form Name

Step 3. Add a HTML control to your Form. The HTML control is where you put the content of your custom email message. With the HTML editor your can create a custom email message with different font sizes, colors as well as images and even videos.

HTML Form Builder - HTML control

HTML Form Builder – HTML control

HTML Form Builder - HTML Editor

HTML Form Builder – HTML Editor

Custom Email Notification Ready to Go

When you have completed your custom HTML save the form with the appropriate name as explained above. This is all you need to do, now each time your users submit a form or create a document this custom email message will be sent to the email addresses you specified in your notifications settings for the form.

And here is the finished result, a customized email message just for the Tenancy Agreement form.
Here is a link to the finished Email Template Form