Pre-fill a web form using the querystring

If you want to send a link to a form to one of your users and would like to have some details pre-filled you can easily do this by adding a few details on to the URL (the link you give them).

A normal link (URL) looks like the one below:

Just add Field Names and Values to pre-fill your web form

To pre-fill a form you just add in some values on the query string (the end of the link) so that it looks something like this. The extra bit highlighted in red is the part that provides the values and the fields names to pre fill.,%202015

Have a go, click on the links above above to see what the difference looks like.

If you look closely you can see that the link now has some extra details, AgreementDate=23%20Sep,%202015&LandLord_Name=Bob%20Smith and so on. Don’t worry about the %20, to a web browser it means a space. If you forget to change it the web browser should automatically change it when you users click on the link you provided to them.

The sort of uses you might find for this feature might be when you have a mailing list and you want to send out a link to everyone so they can complete an on-line registration form. Obviously it would save time and create a much better personalized experience for your users if when they open the form it comes pre filled with their details such as email, name etc.

Where do you get the form link?

To get a link you can email to your users open your form in the form builder and click the Embed Form menu item. Copy this link and add the field names and values you want to pre fill the form.

FormBuilder - Form Link

FormBuilder – Form Link