Streamline Your Project Estimates Through Automation

Running your own graphic design company is great. You have the opportunity to choose the projects which interest you, and you are the one responsible for making your own schedule. But there is a downside which comes along with the freedom of running your own graphic design business – much of your time is spent completing tasks unrelated to designing and earning money.
Save time and money with automatically customized estimates for new design projects.

Simple but not simplistic

ZumeForms is your simple, but not simplistic way for even non-technical graphical designers to quickly build quality responsive HTML 5-ready online forms to collect critical information about a new project. A comprehensive drag-and-drop form builder which is simple to use, but powerful and flexible enough to collect the information you need to make an accurate estimate.

Every project is different, and that is the reason why ZumeForms uses smart forms. The forms you create have the ability to use conditional logic to adapt on the fly based on the responses of your prospect. Collect only the information relevant to the future project, and avoid frustrating your potential client with long forms.

After a client submits the form, the information is automatically assembled into a personalized estimate using a MS Word or PDF-based document template you create.  Then the document is sent directly to the client, or to yourself if you want to verify the estimate before forwarding it. Once the client agrees to your estimate, ZumeForms can automatically generate a customized contract, and even collect payment from the client using Stripe.